Today I had the opportunity to interview Jeffery Mead, who played wide receiver at the University Of Oklahoma. Mead was apart of the Sooner during the 2014-2017 season.

During his career with the Sooners, he would tally 4 touchdowns and pick up over 300 yards.

Question 1:

Q: What made you pick Football over all the sports?

A: “So with football, I didn’t practice it outside of school any and I had offers from all over the country. So I figured if I put extra effort into it, I would have a good chance at going pro.”

Question 2:

Q: Being from Union high school, describe the matchup with Jenks.

A: “It’s a rivalry that everyone knows about and everyone wants to win. The backyard bowl is an awesome experience that most high school kids won’t be able to experience.”

Question 3:

Q: Explain your journey to get into Oklahoma

A: “Well it was really as simple as getting offered, waiting a little seeing what else I got and maybe taking visits, and then committing.

Question 4:

Q: What made you choose the University Of Oklahoma?

A: “It was close enough to where I could go home if I wanted, far enough to get away if I wanted and they have legitimate chances at playing for national championships. Also my family has always been OU fans.”

Question 5:

Q: What was it like stepping on on the field at Memorial Stadium?

A: “It’s pretty crazy when you step out and see 85,000 people screaming for you. It’s definitely an interesting experience.”

Question 6:

Q: Describe what it was like playing with a Heisman Trophy Winner?

A: “It’s a cool experience to know you are playing with athletes on the caliber. It’s fun actually.”

Question 7:

Q: What was it like playing under Bob Stoops?

A: “It was cool, but I didn’t see much of Bob. He was with defense and I was with offense. So imagine working at a big corporation and the CEO walking by you and just saying what’s up every once in awhile.”