Hasian Burdex is a 5’7 jr. running back for the Chickasha Fightin’ Chicks. Burdex has been lighting up defenses, as he has rushed for 393 yards on the year and ran for 189 yards and 3 touchdowns in week 1 win against the Marlow Outlaws. In week 2 Burdex led the charge as he ran for 204 yards on 34 carries and 3 touchdowns. On the season Burdex has 60 carries for the Chicks as he averages 6.5 yards per carry.

Burdex went from last year with minimal carries to now taking the majority of the carries and is a big part of the Chickasha offense. Chickasha’s coach Chase Johnson said: “Hasian has really matured as a runner. He’s patient and has learned how to really finish falling forward and earning those tough yards this year”.


Q: What is the biggest difference from last year to this year?

A: “This year we’ve had a different mindset and a new slogan, it’s called 1-0. It just means each thing you do in life do it you’re best and don’t worry about the future just be the best you can be at the moment then after you complete that task go onto the next thing”

Q: What can you say about the way your offensive line is playing

A: “My offensive line guys are amazing. The toughness they’ve shown this year is so impressive, they never take a playoff. I think they are the best o-line in the state honestly.”

Q: What are your plans after high school?

A: “I’m hoping to get into a pretty good college and maybe play football but I think I want to start a restaurant here in Chickasha and also I want to get a place for kids and teens to hang out to have fun and stay out of trouble.

Q: Who is your biggest motivation?

A: “My biggest motivation is my mom and my little brother, I just want my brother to grow up and not have to worry about struggling. I want him to live comfortably and focus on school.