The Oklahoma City Thunder continue making moves this off-season, as they are one step closer to becoming a contender. This offseason the Thunder have signed Paul George to a 4-year deal for 137 million dollars, they resigned Jerami Grant to a 3-year 27 million dollar deal, and just recently they picked up Nerlens Noel, on a 2-year deal. The second year of the deal, will be a players-option, so Noel could easily jump back into free agency in 2019.

Noel is a very defensive minded center, as he will most likely serve as the back-up to Steven Adams. In the 2017 season, Noel suffered a thumb injury and a back injury that would limit his playing time dramatically. Noel should bring rebounding along with plenty of intangibles, as in shot-blocking and is also great at closing up gaps and stealing passes away.

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