Today I had the opportunity to interview Kelby Tomlinson, who plays for the San Francisco Giants. During the 2017 season, he hit .258 and he had 50 hits on the season.

Question 1:

Q: What part of your game has developed the most since being in the big leagues?

A: “I would say my defense. I have worked a lot with our infield coach and a lot of early work before batting practice and before games to really develop my defensive side of the game.”

Question 2:

Q: What’s is your game day routine?

A: “For a 7 o’clock game, I usually show up around 2 when we are at home. I usually come in and warm up, and do some foam roll stretches and do some movement prep excise just to get my body ready for the day. Then I will go hit a little in the cage with our hitting coach and depending on if there is any early work i will go out do some defensive work. Depending on if I am playing or starting on the bench, early work, then batting practice will start right after that. After that I will come in and eat a little bit, go back out and stretch and get ready for the game.”

Question 3:

Q: What is the transition like, from college baseball to the MLB?

A: “The biggest transition is the amount of days your playing games. In college your used to playing a weekend series and maybe a game during the mid-week. But as you get into professional baseball, you are playing 7 days a week and each of those days there is a game.”

Question 4:

Q: Who has been the best pitcher you have faced? And why?

A: “Probably Clayton Kershaw. A lot of his strengths, which are throwing cutters inside will line up with my weaknesses. I generally go the other way, and hit the balls that are outside and over the middle of the plate. But his strength is to throw cutters inside to right-handed hitters, and he does a good job of it.”

Question 5:

Q: What has been your favorite moment while playing with the Giants?

A: “My first game, when you first get called up. I was about to get into the game, and it went in to extra innings. I got to pinch hit and I got a hit. And my wife was there, so I got to watch her reaction after.”

Question 6:

Q: What can you say about your manager Bruce Bochy?

A: “He is an experienced manager, and he’s been around and he has seen every situation and knows how to handle whatever comes up. He has probably about seen it all. He expects to win and wants to win. He is always into every game and every pitch. It doesn’t matter what day it is, game 1, game 130 or game 160 he is always into every pitch, and cares a lot about each game that happens”

Question 7:

Q: How did it feel in 2016, to play in the NLDS?

A: “That was a lot of fun to get into, you know the playoffs are win or go home. With the atmosphere and just the feel of every game is different than the regular season. You know your playing to win a championship, so to get into that atmosphere and to get to play in those types of games where fun.

Question 8:

Q: With all the additions you guys have made, how do you think this will grow and develop your team?

A: “Yeah I mean, we have added some good players and I’m excited to get to meet them and play with them. Hopefully they will help us win some games and get back into the playoffs.”

Question 9:

Q: Since being in the MLB who has helped you the most?

A: “From a baseball aspect, our infield coach Ron Wotus has helped me a lot defensively to get a lot better. He has helped me learn a lot about the game and how to play it and what to do.”

Question 10:

Q: Who is funniest guy in the Giants clubhouse?

A: “Man I would have to give that to Nick Hundley, our back-up catcher. He just brings alot of energy and a lot of good moments.”

Question 11:

Q: What is your favorite food and drink?

A: “My wife made some really good chicken parmesan, two nights ago. So I’ll go with chicken parmesan for favorite food. Man I just drink water, 98% of the time. So i will have to go with water.”

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