In the second semi-finals game the Northwest Classen Knights beat the Decatur Eagles, 62-55. The Knights were led by Wilson who finished with 21 points and 8 rebounds. The Eagles were led by Wilson Hicks who had 18 points and also finished 8 rebounds.

1st Half:

To start off the 1st quarter the knights got off to a quick start and would later win the quarter 24-13. The Knights were led by Wilson and Warden. They would both finish with 6 points in the quarter. The Eagles slowly started to chip at the lead after winning the quarter 16-13. The Eagles got a 2nd quarter from Ethan Southyard and Wilson Hicks. Southyard would score 6 and Hicks would score 5 during the quarter. The Knights were led by Wilson who would tack on 5 more points to add to his total.

2nd Half:

Coming out the half Decatur would continue to shrink the lead to 4 at the end of the 3rd quarter. The Eagles would win the 3rd quarter, 20-16. During this quarter, Hicks would score 8 points for the Eagles. Rice would lead the way for the Knights, scoring 7 points during the quarter. The 4th quarter turned into a defensive battle. The Knights would later win the quarter, 9-6. For the Eagles, 3 players would 2 points during this quarter. The Knights would be led by Rice who would score all 3 points from the free throw line.

Final Thoughts:

The Knights shot 27/42 (64%) from the free throw line, while the Eagles shot 14/19 (74%) from the line. The Eagles would turn the ball over 10 times, while the Knights finished with 12.

Player of the game:

Wilson- He had 21 points and 8 rebounds.