Wichita Falls Hirschi Huskies played the Cache Bulldogs in a semi-finals matchup. The Huskies would take the victory by the score of 41-34. The Huskies were carried by Rashad Greene who finished with 14 points and 3 rebounds. The Bulldogs were led by Morgan Cox and Diego Gonzalez. They both would finished with 8 points.

1st Half:

The first quarter would end with both teams deadlocked at 7. Hirschi was led by Greene who had 3 points. The Bulldogs would be led by Adam Arredondo who would score 3 points during the quarter. The second quarter looked very similar to the first. This game would go into half tied at 18. The Huskies were led by the 3-pointer and would make 3 during the quarter. The Bulldogs were carried by Gonzalez who would have 6 points during the quarter.

2nd Half:

The Huskies would come out of the break ready to go, making yet another 3-pointer. The Huskies would go on to win the quarter 10-9. The Huskies were led by Zek Holmes who would have 5 points in the quarter. The Bulldogs were carried by a big 3-pointer from Nathan Livington. The Huskies would widen the margin in the fourth quarter and would win the quarter, 13-7. During this quarter Hirschi was led by Jaylen Cox who would score 5 points, including a big 3-pointer. The Bulldogs got a big quarter from Morgan Cox who would score 5 point, including a completed 3-point play.

Final Thoughts:

The Bulldogs shot 3/4 (75%) from the free throw line while the Huskies shot just 4/10 (40%). The Huskies limited themselves to just 5 turnovers, while Cache had 9.

Co-players of the game:

Rashad Greene- He had 14 points, and picked up 3 big boards.

Zek Holmes- He had 11 points, and grabbed 6 rebounds.