If you’re a Tigers fan, you probably know what’s about to happen, and this is called rebuilding. This is where you trade big parts of your team to get prospects to build for the future seasons. In this story I will tell you some good prospects that stand out to me and why.

Derek Fisher:                    

Fisher is a 23-year-old right fielder, who plays for the Fresno Grizzlies. Fisher could be a big piece to the team as a back up right fielder or even a starter if J.D Martinez gets traded. Fisher is having a good season hitting .306, with 19 home runs and 56 RBI’s. Fisher is a great all around athlete and he also has 14 stolen bases to his credit. Fisher could a great pick up for the Tigers in the long run.

Willie Calhoun:

Calhoun is a 22-year-old 2nd basemen who plays for the Oklahoma City Dodgers. Calhoun has a very good bat and is hitting .302 with 19 home runs. Calhoun has a lot of speed and uses the gaps to his advantage with 20 doubles and 5 triples. Calhoun would be a good pick up for a backup 2nd basemen or even a starting spot here in a few years.

Alex Verdugo:

Verdugo is 21-year-old center fielder for the Oklahoma City Dodgers. Verdugo can swing the bat very well and is hitting .346 but has low power numbers with 3 home runs. Verdugo can get on base very well and has a .416 on base percentage. Verdugo could be a great young piece for this Tigers roster.

Bo Bichette:

Bichette is only 19-years-old and is currently play class A ball for the Bluejays. Bichette is on my radar because of his quickness and abilty to swing the bat. Bichette is hitting .384 with 10 home runs and 32 doubles. Bichette is a great young shortstop who could be the face of the Tigers in the future.

Chase Sisco:

Sisco is a 22-year-old catcher who plays for the Norfolk Tide. Sisco is a great all around player who is hitting .276 with 3 home runs and 31 RBI’s. The only problem to Sisco’s game is striking out. He has struck out 72 time so far this season. Sisco could be a great pickup if Alex Avila is on the move.


Those are the prospects I think the Tigers should go after and why. Some of the big names for the Tigers that could be on the move are Alex Avila, J.D. Martinez, Justin Wilson and maybe even Justin Verlander.